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Referral Rewards Program


Spread the word about my services and receive
10% of the client's invoices for a full year!

Referral Rewards Program

If you think one of your colleagues or associates may be interested in my services, please feel free to spread the word. For every person you refer to me who becomes a client, you will receive a referral reward equal to 10% of the client's invoices for a full year!

Yes, you read that right—10% for a full year!


Let's say the client's first invoice comes to $500 for the first month. In this case, you would receive a check for $50, and the same goes for months 2-12! So if the client spends $500 each month for a year, you'd receive $600 in referral rewards!

How does it work?

Ask your associate to email me for a free telephone consultation. You may also forward your associate's contact information directly to me if he or she would prefer that I make first contact. If we decide to work together, I'll send your payment via PayPal or check each month after the client's invoice has been paid.


Thanks for spreading the word!


Contact Information:

• Owner: Angela Smith
• Email:


• Phone: 1-918-286-1620
• Fax: 1-866-408-7285


Instant Messenger:

• Skype: accu-assist


Business Hours:

• Monday–Friday 

• 9:00 am–5:00 pm (Central Time)