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Over 400 Internet Links Every Virtual Assistant Must Have!

Easily accessible directly from your Internet browser!

Are you overwhelmed by all the information at your fingertips?
I'm sure you're extremely excited to start up your own business as a virtual assistant, but you may be pretty overwhelmed by all the information that you've suddenly discovered. There's a whole new world out there that you didn't know existed! Or maybe you've been a virtual assistant for a while now, but your Internet links folder is a disaster! You can never find links when you really need them, which slows down your momentum when you're working.

Why reinvent the wheel? The Virtual Toolkit is here!
While researching the virtual assistance industry, I discovered hundreds of Internet links that are essential to running a successful VA practice. I spent many months accumulating these links by reading various books, forum posts, and websites. I have taken the time to organize these links for easy, user-friendly access and would like to share them with you! By purchasing the Virtual Toolkit, you will significantly reduce your initial research time, so you will have more time to spend learning how to use these valuable Internet resources. After all, as a virtual assistant, your clients will expect you to be an expert in all things virtual!


Pops right into your Internet browser's Bookmarks or Favorites folder!

The Virtual Toolkit isn't an e-book that you'll have to track down every time you need to find a link or a resource. It's an actual "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" folder that drops right into your Internet browser, such as Firefox, Netscape, or Internet Explorer. The Virtual Toolkit comes with thorough installation instructions, so you'll be ready to explore new Internet resources in no time!

Instant Organization & Easy Customization
As you can see from the Table of Contents, the links have been organized in a clear, intuitive format. The Virtual Toolkit provides a ready-made organizational structure so that you can easily add your own linksand find them again when you need them! In addition, all the links in the Virtual Toolkit have been cleaned up for easy identification. The long titles and descriptions have been whittled down so that the website names are clearly visible when you're searching for a link in a hurry.

Try it before you buy it!

Everyone loves free samples! Browse through these complimentary Internet links to get an idea of the great resources you'll find inside the Virtual Toolkit. If you're impressed with these links, there are many others where they came from!

EverNote - free note-taking app Roboform - password manager
SuperCertificates - client gifts
SBA Online Courses PixelMill - website templates

Learn That - free tutorials

Trillian - instant messaging

Download Right Away!
The Virtual Toolkit is currently on sale for the low price of $4.95 USD. As soon as your payment has been processed, you'll be able to download the Virtual Toolkit files immediately. Once you drop the Virtual Toolkit into your Internet browser, you'll instantly have hundreds of valuable Internet tools at your disposal. The Virtual Toolkit will be the first place you'll turn to find the tools of the trade!

Ready to Start Exploring Your New Internet Tools?

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