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What is a Virtual Assistant?


ďA Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing

administrative, creative, and/or technical services . . . from his/her own

office on a contractual basis."    International Virtual Assistants Association

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The concept of virtual assistance is actually very simple. Virtual assistants provide services from their own offices using the latest Internet technology. It may help to think of virtual assistants as off-site "secretaries," although this term isn't used much anymore. A virtual assistant's core services are typically administrative in nature, but many virtual assistants specialize in a variety of additional services.

No Benefits or Equipment Required!

Because virtual assistants are self-employed, clients do not have to pay for benefits, vacation days, sick time, employment taxes, or health insurance. Virtual assistants operate from fully-equipped offices and pay for their own computers, software, and office equipment.


100% Efficiency

You may have considered hiring an in-house assistant to help out in the office. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep an assistant busy, and you end up paying for a lot of down time. With a virtual assistant, you pay only for the exact time worked on your projects, not a minute more. Thatís 100% efficiency!

Consistent Service

Perhaps you're thinking about hiring a temporary employee to help you ramp up during your busy periods. While staffing agencies offer a quick solution, they cannot guarantee that the same person will be available when you need help, which means you have to re-train each new worker. On the other hand, virtual assistants are available whenever you need them, so they're able to provide you with consistent, dependable service. In addition, many virtual assistants strive to build long-term relationships with their clients, getting to know their clients' businesses inside and out.

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